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Everyone learns differently. We work to open the doors of learning to all children.

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We are a team of experienced educators who have united to help you with your learning needs.

Many parents feel overwhelmed with the sudden burden of having students at home all day during the school year. Some are uncertain how to support their children in various subjects, from math to English to science and foreign languages. Also, families are feeling the need for students to have more interactions with others and overcome the isolation from months of quarantine.

Whether you need support for schooling at home, an occasional tutor for one specific subject, or you want your child to be part of classes, Mid-Valley Learning Haven can help you make a plan and meet the needs of your student.

We specialize in finding the right fit for your family lifestyle, needs, learning styles and teaching preferences. Get customized curriculum and schedule recommendations in our consulting model.

Want to learn how to maximize your time at home with your child without making yourself crazy or losing your sense of self? Take our Learning at Home Workshop and learn how thousands of families have made home learning a successful choice. Hear from successful home educators how doable and rewarding home learning can be.


We can be part of your story.

Meet our team come meet our team at our mini workshops. Free tutoring for all ages. Free mini consultation on effective home education. Se habla Espanol.